Grynd is a sports nutrition delivering the carbohydrates, calories, and protein your body needs to drive you forward and sustain your performance.


We love nuts! Nuts are not only one of the healthiest foods you can eat; they’re also antioxidant heroes, rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which lower LDL or “nasty” cholesterol levels.


With a long history in the nut business, we know what it takes to make a great tasting product. Our nuts are roasted fresh and our process is simple: we roast everything in small batches delivering the freshest tasting products for you to enjoy.



We’ve learned so much along the way about quality and freshness. Made in small batches with only the highest-quality ingredients, we’re proud to introduce to you our latest product, Grynd Endurance Nut Butter – nut-based pocket nutrition.


Health and fitness is a part of our DNA. We’re marathoners, trail runners, mountain bikers, and all-around athletes. We stand behind Grynd as a product fit for the weekend warrior or someone with an active lifestyle because that’s who we are. Just so happens, we own a peanut butter company and married that with sports nutrition to offer you a product choice that didn’t exist before.


It goes way back to 1984, starting in our small bulk food store when we first started making peanut butter. From there, we began roasting peanuts, cashews, and almonds and continued experimenting with pecans, macadamia nuts, walnuts, and more. Before we knew it, we were distributing nut butter and mixes to dozens of locations and processing thousands of pounds of nut butter a week.



No product sees the light of day without a team of people behind it. Our dedicated professionals deliver a product of top quality and a taste so good you want more.

Our Sports Nutrition Company


“It’s quick energy that I can
feel good about.”

Jim Finlayson

“The taste is unbeatable.”

Melanie McQuaid
Triathlon / Mountain Biker


“As a hockey player I am always looking for real foods that I can eat between periods that taste good and sit well in my stomach. GRYND ticks all of those boxes for me without leaving me feeling heavy for the rest of my training or competition. It’s quick, it’s delicious, it fuels, and the best part is – it’s made right in my hometown of Victoria, British Columbia!”

Micah Zandee-Hart
NCAA Hockey Player

“When my kids and I first had the opportunity to taste test Grynd, pre-launch, we could not wait for it to hit retail shelves and be available to stock our pantry. It is so delicious and provides the nutrition we need for our life on the go. We couldn’t get enough of it … squeezing it on smoothie bowls, on to spoons and adding to sandwiches. As a Sport Performance Nutrition Provider, working with Olympic and recreational athletes, Grynd is a great fit for providing sustaining energy from real food sources. As a founder of Rumble Supershake, I love seeing food innovation and especially from a local company!”

Dr. Kim McQueen
Naturopathic Physician

“As the coach of the Reading Royals, the ECHL affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers and retired AHL player, I appreciate the need for performance nutrition. On the ice, players often reach 90% of their maximum heart rate and can burn more than 2000 calories in a single game, it’s essential for them to maintain a high level of energy. Grynd has been an absolute game changer for the team during long practices and fast-paced games. It’s helping to drive us forward and sustain our on ice performance with a natural boost of energy that lasts. Best part is, we all love the taste.”

Kirk MacDonald
Head Coach of the Reading Royals Hockey Team | ECHL Affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers

“Success in Ironman training and competition is largely dependent on simply eating enough calories. When you’re burning through upwards of 8000 calories daily for weeks on end, having a convenient source is crucial both on and off the bike. Grynd nut butter meets this need by providing real food, without relying on the simple sugars found in other products. I have used them to execute some truly epic sessions and appreciate the quality from a brand I trust.”

Steve Kilshaw
Triathlete, Ironman